Plot== FP has been missing. So Finn and Jake went to find her


One day at the tree fort. "Hey Jake. Where's FP?" Finn said. "Umm, I don't know.." Jake replied. "Ok dude let's go find her" Finn said. "Sure as long as I finished eating this ice cream" Jake said. "JAKEEE!!" Finn said. "Ok! Ok!" Jake said. So Finn went to East and Jake went to South. "Flame Princess! FP! Where are you FP??" Jake shouted. "Ohh man" A magician said. As he put a case for a viola and take a pee on a tree. "Wow! What a gorgeus and shiny viola case. Gotta get sneaky" Jake said as he stole the viola case and remove the magician's viola. "FP! FP! Where are you FP!" Finn shouted. "Ohh man where is she!??" Finn said. Then he heard a voice echoed from a deep creeck . So Finn rushed towards it.

Mean while...

"Ohh man this will look good in my viola! FP! FP! FP!" Jake shouted

Mean while...

"Huh, where's my case!!" the magician said

Mean while...

"Finn help!" FP said. "Wow FP. Here take my hand!" Finn said. "So why are you here?" Finn asked. "Because someone manipulated me and brought me here. Thank goodness you save my life" FP said. "Okay, I'll call Jake to go to the tree fort right now" Finn said. So Finn and FP went back to the tree fort. "Hey Finn" Jake said. "W..Where did you get that viola case" Finn said. "Uhh..mmm brrrbbbbbb. Oh I save a old lady and gave this to me!" Jake said. "You stole that" Finn said. "Yeah" Jake said. "Well Jake stealing is wrong return that to it's rightful owner" FP said. "Haaa..Okay" Jake said.

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