Synopsis== Finn and Jake have no idea that the Lich returned.


The episode begins 7:00 am at the tree fort. At that time Finn hungers for chocolate cake. So he ask Jake if he can make a chocolate cake. "But Jake refuse. "Finn asked Jake at least 10 times until Finn started singing the Ultimate Chocolate Cake. Then Jake started baking the cake until it's done. Then Finn excitedly get his plate and ready to chow down but then Jake said that the cake is for the desert competition in Candy Kingdom. Then Finn screamed "Noooooooooooooo!!!!!". After they leave Jake said to BMO that never ever let any stranger go in the house. Then BMo said "Yes I'll hurt them till they bleed!" And Jake replied "Yow man that's creepy". So thge rushed into the Candy Kingdom. After they enter the grand hall They are the last contestant and there are 50 competitors. After Princess Bubblegum. Kernel Candy Corn And Lumpy Space Princess take a taste at Finn and Jake's chocolate cake they all said "We have a winner" Finn and Jake shouted "Ohhh yeahhh!!!". It was 3:00 PM when they get home and they won a trophy. BMo said that Flame Princess called that she will be back tommorow. 9:00 pm they take a rest. There are CCTV cameras installed in thererooms. 12:00 mid night Finn then stick his lips and said "*snore* FP *snore* kiss me". Then the demon returned and then try to reach Finn and Jake's family sword. Luckily Jake was dreaming about his father defeating the demon, the Jake point his hands directly to the demon and said"Kee Oth Rama Pancake" Then the demon said. Ohh come one!. And then shown that they are watching the footage then FDinn said. "Neat". Later that night 12:09 am. Lich (in the form of sanil) calls thge demon. The demon asked what do he want. Lich said that he need his body to join with him and then he will return to his original selft and the demon will become stronger when he aparts. The demon agreed. Then the bearhenchman chanted the spell. The demon and Lich combined and then Lich become his old selft then the demon seperated and then Lich said. "Finally to conquere the world and to cast havoc in the galaxies!".

Major CharactersEdit




Minor CharactersEdit

Princess Bubblegum

Flame Princess (mentioned)

Cinanamon Bun

Lumpy Space Princess

Kernel Candy Corn

Marshmallow kids

Lollipop girl

Ice cream guy

Jam Jam

Mr. Creampuff


Popsicle guy

Candy people





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