Write the text of your articleMudkip:Now I got My Hair Back And The Power To Summon Talking Tentacruels.We have to go To Dad's Dungeon!! If we Suceed I Get The Power To Levitate Also Getting My Jeans Back!

Jake:Alright Lets Do this!


Ugly Monster:Non Shall Pass!

Mudkip:Hey man Dont You want to Get Out Of This Dungeon And Do something For once in Your Life?

Ugly Monster:Well I've Always Wanted To Go On Vacation With Goofy,Patrick, And Yoshi.

Mudkip:Alright then Here's The Plane Ticket.

Ugly monster:Yay i can leave!!

' [1]Picture in the Plane Ticket:Admit One'''''Jake:Wow Dude Your Good at Smooth Talking.

Mudkip:Not really man.

Fruit Witches' Table

Mudkip:Hey Jake,Can i fight All the Battles And I'll You'll help me when i need it.

Jake:Alright Bro Good Luck!

Mudkip:Magic Cloak Powers Go!!!

A Swarm Of Tentacruels Are beating Up The Witches.

Mudkip:Stomach Recceded again.Opens Treasure Bag.Grabs a Blue Gummi.

Mudkip:alright time to Freeze The Fruits! Blizzard!

Blizzard PP:3/6

Jake:"is relaxing" You Done yet bro?

Mudkip:Yeah Bro.Tentacruel Leader come with Us! The rest You can fall back

Tentacruel Leader:Thank you Sir.

Dad's Dungeon BF 3


Mudkip:eh No!


TentaCruel Leader:Face my Poison!

Blood Demon:Oh gimme a Break.

(Blood Demon is Banished again)

Final Floor

Evil Monster:Mwahahahhaa Die Fool!!

Mudkip:I got A Spare Ticket

Evil Monster:Oh Sweet.How Much How Much?! I must Have it!

Mudkip:Only If you Allow us to Beat you up.

Evil Monster:Deal Cute Blue Creature!

(Mudkip Jake and TentaCruel Leader Beat the Monster Up) Mudkip:Hey My Jeans! And im Starting to Float,Sweet!

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