It was a nice morning for a picnic.We see PB setting up table

for a Princess Picnic,including Marceline. While she was setting the table w/ Pepper's help,The invited girls finally came,when they sat down,they began chatting.After a while,PB said that Finn always sleeps next to her.In doubt and jelousy,Marceline quoted,"Yeah right,Finn would never sleep on your bed,you little brat!" For defense,PB quoted,"He dosen't need to,i go to his bed every night!'All the other girls went to Finn as fast as they can,leaving PB saying in her head:"What did I say?'.Now,when they found Finn,all at once,they said their complaints.To his surprose,he was surrounded w/ princesses!NOw Jake turned small and wraped Finn into a ball(Just like in Tree Trunks episode)and bounced away.When they came to the Tree Fort,Jake asked why the princesses were surrounding him,Finn says "I dunno".Jake than remembers that there is gossip that PB goes to Finn's bed every night! In order to stop it,Jake had a plan,what if they made a Finn dummy and Finn would hide,and case closed!Now they put their plan into motion,after a time lapse they were making the dummy,Finn asked Jake why PB goes to his bed.Jake says he doesn't know.After another timelapse,they completed the dummy.It was 10:00 o'clock,they pretended to sleep,now finn put they dummy on his bed when they turned off the lights.Now,Finn hid on the ceiling.PB went to the window and opened it,she wen't the bed and almost slept,but Finn woke her up by dropping from the ceiling,and asked PB why.She simply implies that she looks to Finn more than a friend,Finn blushes to this,and simply say to PB he only looks to her as a freind.And told her to go home.And she goes out the window and tell Finn goodbye.When she left was left in tears,since he had to tell his crush something is waaaaay out of her feeling to her.Jake pats his head tells him to go to sleep.

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